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Dear students!

According to the first point of the Rules of WUT Students' Union each student of Warsaw University of Technology is a member of Students’ Union . As you well know at our university lectures are conducted in two languages: Polish and English. Many students come to Poland to educate yourself on our wonderful faculties so we want to help you by translating SSPW systems. For this reason we created Working Group of SSPW Translation Systems. We encourage you to cooperate!

In which languages ​​we want translate

Today, guided by the statistics contained in the system of accommodation we would like to translate our sites into the following languages​​: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish and Hindi.

How to become a translator?

  1. If you want to become a translator please register in MainFrame. To do this, enter the pages http://www.mainframe.sspw.pl/ and click Request for a new account. There is a high probability that you have an account in our system. Probably you could create it when you applying for dormitory quarters by the system.
  2. Log in to MainFrame
  3. On the left side from the menu Zgłoś się do: choose Grupy Roboczej.
  4. Then, from the list, select the position Tłumaczenia systemów SSPW
  5. Now, wait for the acceptance of your application by the administrator.

Translation of the Accommodation Site

Currently, adapted for the translation is only accommodation page because this is the most used website by foreigners. To translate a sentences on the site you must make only few steps:

  1. After approval by the administrator your application to the Working Group of Translations SSPW Systems please visit http://www.kwaterunek.sspw.pl/, select a language, then log in using previously created account in MainFrame. You do not have to be a resident of the dorm to get involved in the translation,
  2. On the left side chose in Translation Group menu Translations,
  3. You will see a list of all the sentences available on the website. To translate a phrase, click the Polish type highlighted in blue,
  4. You will get access to the panel in which you can translate sentence on the one of the five languages,
  5. To finish editing, click Wyślij.